12 ounce package Wisconsin Farms Frying Cheese or Mexican Frying Cheese

Heat the oil in deep fryer according to the manufacturers instructions. Cut the cheese into 3/4" cubes. When the oil is ready, carefully drop a few cubes of cheese into the hot oil. Don't put too many in or they will stick together. I fried 4 cubes at a time and kept moving them around with the spatula to keep them from touching each other. Remove them as soon as they turn golden brown. Drain on paper towels and eat while hot with marinara sauce, if desired.

Makes 32 pieces
Do not freeze

Per 1 Bite: 34 Calories; 3g Fat; 2g Protein; trace Carbohydrate; 0g Dietary Fiber; .5g Net Carbs
Per 3 Bites: 109 Calories; 9g Fat; 7g Protein; 1g Carbohydrate; 0g Dietary Fiber; 1g Net Carbs
Per 4 Bites: 137 Calories; 11g Fat; 9g Protein; 1.5g Carbohydrate; 0g Dietary Fiber; 1.5g Net Carbs
Per 6 Bites: 219 Calories; 17g Fat; 15g Protein; 2g Carbohydrate; 0g Dietary Fiber; 2g Net Carbs
Per 8 Bites: 273 Calories; 21g Fat; 18g Protein; 3g Carbohydrate; 0g Dietary Fiber; 3g Net Carbs

These get very crispy on the outside and remain soft on the inside. I haven't tried it yet, but these would be tasty dipped in your favorite marinara sauce. I have one complaint and that's that the cheese it quite salty. I used the Garlic & Herb flavor, which has 1 carb per ounce, but it's also available in plain, which they claim has zero carbs. The carb counts I've posted here are based on 1 carb per ounce. Click here to see the package label. I buy it at Wal-Mart Supercenter in the deli department. They do lose their crunch after being in the fridge for a while so they are best when eaten right out of the fryer.

UPDATE: This product no longer seems to be available.

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